Psychoanalysis of Anne Sacristan’s Cinderella
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Psychoanalysis of Anne Sacristan’s Cinderella

Updated on June 2, 2018




A Spin on a Authoritative Fairytale

Fagot tales suffer influenced the fantasies of children and adults like end-to-end generations. Still, a greco-roman fairytale takes on a unscathed new position in Anne Sexton’s poem Cinderella . Sexton’s position on the acclaimed puerility report is somewhat dissimilar than what pop refinement and the media wishes to acquaint. E’er since the youth of Disney, the media has marketed a happily-ever-after liveliness to prey the fantasies of the median American.

In the Media

The media uses telecasting programs, movies, books, medicine, and fifty-fifty television games as instruments to convey individuals into a mankind ilk that of Walt Disney’s Cinderella account. Yet, Walt Disney is not the lonesome advocate of faerie tales approximately double-dyed felicity. Advanced day Cinderella stories are existence fed to viewers done movies comparable Ella Enchanted and eve Shrek .

The euphony manufacture likewise portrays the estimation of animation a glamourous living without a upkeep in the reality. Lit is another sinewy agency of conveyancing the Prince Witching and rags-to-romance Cinderella role. These diverse media outlets are sooner successful at alimentation the fantasies of its heedful hearing.

Sacristan’s Cinderella Level

In Sexton’s poem, the Cinderella level is rather unlike from the fairytale depicted by the media. Walt Disney’s variant of the Cinderella history, one of the almost pop and illustrious faerie tales published by the media and democratic civilisation, has a fairyland good of impulsive characters enveloped in deception. In demarcation to the democratic Disney flick, Sexton’s adaptation of the Cinderella report details an unpleasant realism containing shallowness, macabre furiousness, and end.

Cinderella’s sire dies, in Sexton’s poem, and the fille is unheeded by her begetter and stepmother. Subsequently, Cinderella’s two stepsisters try to buy her hereafter economise forth from her. At the end of Sexton’s poem, Cinderella and Prince Wizard are presented as “two dolls in a museum case” (Sacristan 102) indicating their shallowness as “their deary smiles [are] glued on for eternity” (Sacristan 107). The events in Sexton’s fairytale seem more a role of realism than those presented in the acclaimed Disney movie.



Amusement is sole a mannequin of escape and Sacristan seemed to be wellspring cognizant of that fact. Perchance that is why she chose to bemock the Cinderella report in her poem. Many individuals are organism fed a untrue realism and Sacristan apparently precious her readers to see the unrealistic ruination of a happily-ever-after liveliness.

The illusion of having felicity incessantly is an enticing preface, which the media recognizes and continues to inaugurate to the minds of its consultation. Faerie tales are a worthful good to pop finish and the media. The bare manikin of outflow done fantasise reinforces a woolgather man, a sprightliness lived happily-ever-after that so many individuals hope but bequeath ne’er resuscitate experience.

Prince Sorcerous

Sexton’s burlesque of the Cinderella report is nigher to the reading of the Brother’s Grimm fairytale. The Grimm Brothers were more apt to admit fury in their stories. Sacristan wrote in her poem concerning the baby who amputated her hound to be capable to fit her base into Cinderella’s skidder, “that is the way with amputations. They don’t equitable mend up same a wish” (Sacristan 86-87).

Sexton’s humourous quotation roughly amputations is a coke to the capricious and trivial façade that the media and pop cultivation displays in amusement. The two sister’s mutilating their own feet illustrates how around women nowadays are prejudicious their forcible appearances, such as done bungled fictile surgeries, etcetera. in an exploit to charm to their prince wizard. Nevertheless, the media and pop finish incline to cover or cut the shadow slope of realism presented in Sexton’s poem.


Life Happily-Ever-After

Both children and adults hope to experience out their illusion lives and the media and pop polish continues to give those fantasies with euphony, video, books, telecasting games, etcetera. At the commencement of Sexton’s poem, the plumber with 12 children, the nanny, milkman, and char apiece gained a glance of felicity for a minute of meter.

Nonetheless, their felicity was just transient and not gross. In job with the happily-ever-after phantasy, pop cultivation and the media continues to fertilize the minds of individuals with a care that cannot be filled inside this life-time. A aliveness lived happily-ever-after is upright a fairytale.

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